Monday, 11 January 2010

Open Shorts 2!

The Hidden Life of a Burrowing Owl
(Mike Roush - USA) 05'07"

Interesting conceot used here, real life images with a 2D image moving around on it. Funny piece with gd story telling.

Fot 'The Next Big Thing'
(Alex Dron - New Zealand)08'45"

LOL piece its a very funny piece to watch.

(Christian Amussen, Matthias Bruhn - Germany) 13'20"
Cant Find a Image for this one but maybe this description will help - In a tiny villiage at the end of the world, a postman burns the recieved letters and distributes letters himself has written. Well maybe not but its a very musical piece, the postman whistles as he goes along, which gets stuck in your head. Its a clever idea so that the person remembers the piece.

Man Up
(Ed Barrett - United Kingdom) 04'30"

I found this to be very comical piece interms of the humour of the guy trying to escape life and the people around him but how high he goes he can never get away.

Special Glue and Other Stories
(Andy Sykes - United Kingdom) 04'10"

Some very good story telling which people can relate to in a sense.

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