Monday, 11 January 2010

Roscoe Wiki Kirby Remix!!!

Arh a good remix to a classic song, hmm they really need to bring back our good old sidescrollers!!!

Life drawings 3

Some more of the life drawing work which i have done.

My final Audio Piece

I lost alot of stuff which i inetended to add in this piece, i would have liked to have added the t.v turning on and off and the intro to the piece so you can fully understand what is going on in the piece but it got me a alright grade which allows me to show my improvements in my future projects.

Test with sound

my piece with sound... some slight altererations for my final.

Audio Test 2

If i add my timings to it this is how it will look.

Audio Test 1

just a fast run through to see how it would look...

Just a few of my animatic images.....

I drew out the key frames for my animatic... the file cant be uploaded so i will need to re do it so it can be.

This will help me to go forward with the project..

Lets Doodle Some more!!!

Hmm what should i doo.....dle :D

Life drawings 2

Working on a larger scale now....

There abit faint but you do get to see the mark making which i have done, these are a mixture of mark making, media, and using my left hand along with not looking at my paper while i draw.

my ideas......

From the inpiration i get skteching characters here's a few of them.

I quite liked the baby idea so i carried him forward and sketched more....

Hmm not quite there yet...... so lets try some life drawings....

and then lets give it a try again...

Looks much better, can be improved but that can be done as i go along but this is the basis for it :D

My little cousin and my inspiration.

Having my little cousin around me helped me alot with this piece i get to draw inspiration from him.

Piks of him and a lil video......

Pretty cute ay :P lol

Talking about T.V So Lets give it a T.V setting!!

So listening to it also gave me the idea to put my character into a t.v which would turn on and off being as that is what he is talking about so i had to research this if i was to achieve it in my piece...... And where better to find it then my good friend youtube.

The Audio Project!

I have chosen the audio clip which says - "you see, t.v is power ... the power to love & pacify ... And when all eyes are glazed and all minds are jelly, the power to hold the world in your fist"

So i have listened to it many times and chracters like Captain Zapp brannigan from Futurama>>>>>>>>>>>

who is the very typical kinda of chracter to suit the voice but also Stewie Griffen from family guy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

also came to mind because babies cnt talk till they are older but to have a deep voice would be very unusual and having a little cousin that couldnt talk made it a perfect match!!!

Just Doodling!!!!

When i have nothing much to do i just pick up something i can draw with mainly a pen because i should be taking notes and doodle away. Here's a few of them.

Life Drawings 1

Here are a few sketchs which i did in my book for life drawings
For quick sketchs they aint bad but i need to do much more work for this for my skills to improve.

Open Shorts 3!!

The Terrible Thing Of Alpha-9
(Jake Armstrong - USA) 05'45"
Can't find a image for thsi one but its about a space bounty hunter who travels to a lonely planet to kill terrible monster but can he do what no other bounty hunter coudnt????

(Stjepan Mihaljevic - Croatia) 12'15"

The story telling plus the well drawn imagery makes for a great piece.

Open Shorts 2!

The Hidden Life of a Burrowing Owl
(Mike Roush - USA) 05'07"

Interesting conceot used here, real life images with a 2D image moving around on it. Funny piece with gd story telling.

Fot 'The Next Big Thing'
(Alex Dron - New Zealand)08'45"

LOL piece its a very funny piece to watch.

(Christian Amussen, Matthias Bruhn - Germany) 13'20"
Cant Find a Image for this one but maybe this description will help - In a tiny villiage at the end of the world, a postman burns the recieved letters and distributes letters himself has written. Well maybe not but its a very musical piece, the postman whistles as he goes along, which gets stuck in your head. Its a clever idea so that the person remembers the piece.

Man Up
(Ed Barrett - United Kingdom) 04'30"

I found this to be very comical piece interms of the humour of the guy trying to escape life and the people around him but how high he goes he can never get away.

Special Glue and Other Stories
(Andy Sykes - United Kingdom) 04'10"

Some very good story telling which people can relate to in a sense.

The Brothers McLeod: a personal view

A Town Called panic, `The Card Thieves
(Vincent Patar and Stephane Aubier, France, 2003) 5'00"#

Very good stop motion piece, reminds me of the milk advert, due to the character's and how they move but its a very funny piece with a interesting plot.

Love triangle
(Yasmeen Ismail, United Kingdom, 2007) 3'00"

This piece holds a very interesting tale :D

Le Trop Petit Prince
(Zoia Trofimoova France, 2002) 6'44"

I really like the story told for this piece, how the conclusion is how the reason why it started in the end and the music helps the piece making it a enjoyable piece to watch.

Flip Festival Part 2

Day 2 of flip festival i was a volunteer for this event allowing me to tear tickets, count number of heads going into the screnes and free food :D was pretty good because i got to watch all the show's for free once again, my nnext post will show u some of the animation which i liked during that day.

Lets get back into it!!!!!

Its been awhile since i have posted any of my stuff on my blog, which isnt good but there will be a massive post over the next few days and weeks lol. fully updating what i have been doing!!!