Monday, 8 February 2010

My final model...

this is my model, based on the cat character i did for head models. but with the body also this time, and some slightly altered areas, spacing of features. i didn't get any wire so i wasn't able to put the armature into the model but i have designed armature of areas which the model need it, so areas which need to move, and need support. so the ears, arms and tail would need it for movement, the head and body for shape and in the neck to allow the head to turn in different ways. its a pretty stationary model, most movement will come from the head and arms.

life drawing 5

abit more life drawing :D

last but not least the final head....

my final 3D expression model, its really exaggerated expression of being surprised...

Model heads continued.....

This is my second expression for my model heads.... i found it difficult to do the mouth for he next to but this s my attempt.

Model heads :D

This is the 1st part of my model heads starting with a normal face.....

New model heads based on.........

I created this character in my spare time and i thought it would be a good design to use for my new model heads due to features which it has and shape of its head.

Model heads 1




This is my 1st model head which i started.... getting the detail on the face was hard, and would be hard to tell what it was from certain angles so im gonna start again with a new design. Its key to get the detail well so if the object was to be a silhouette the view could still be able to know what it was.

Life Drawing 4

Some more of my life drawings :D


i havent yet been able to produce a stickfas walk cycle but i know that to achieve it i would need to follow the same principles which i use in 2D animation, and timing and spacing is key to make the movement look believable.... to be continued :D