Thursday, 22 April 2010

Spirited Away

Ive watched this film a film a couple of times now and it holds it own to many anime film releases, it has a very strong story line which keeps the view compelled depending on your expections, if your looking for action then it aint the film for you because its more story drivern with a few thrilling moments at time but nothing big in that way. The visuals are amazing, the colours beutiful and very eycatching with very memorible characters which you will come across whilst you watch it. Overall its a good film and has set its mark in time.

Monday, 8 February 2010

My final model...

this is my model, based on the cat character i did for head models. but with the body also this time, and some slightly altered areas, spacing of features. i didn't get any wire so i wasn't able to put the armature into the model but i have designed armature of areas which the model need it, so areas which need to move, and need support. so the ears, arms and tail would need it for movement, the head and body for shape and in the neck to allow the head to turn in different ways. its a pretty stationary model, most movement will come from the head and arms.

life drawing 5

abit more life drawing :D

last but not least the final head....

my final 3D expression model, its really exaggerated expression of being surprised...

Model heads continued.....

This is my second expression for my model heads.... i found it difficult to do the mouth for he next to but this s my attempt.

Model heads :D

This is the 1st part of my model heads starting with a normal face.....

New model heads based on.........

I created this character in my spare time and i thought it would be a good design to use for my new model heads due to features which it has and shape of its head.

Model heads 1




This is my 1st model head which i started.... getting the detail on the face was hard, and would be hard to tell what it was from certain angles so im gonna start again with a new design. Its key to get the detail well so if the object was to be a silhouette the view could still be able to know what it was.

Life Drawing 4

Some more of my life drawings :D


i havent yet been able to produce a stickfas walk cycle but i know that to achieve it i would need to follow the same principles which i use in 2D animation, and timing and spacing is key to make the movement look believable.... to be continued :D

Monday, 11 January 2010

Roscoe Wiki Kirby Remix!!!

Arh a good remix to a classic song, hmm they really need to bring back our good old sidescrollers!!!

Life drawings 3

Some more of the life drawing work which i have done.

My final Audio Piece

I lost alot of stuff which i inetended to add in this piece, i would have liked to have added the t.v turning on and off and the intro to the piece so you can fully understand what is going on in the piece but it got me a alright grade which allows me to show my improvements in my future projects.

Test with sound

my piece with sound... some slight altererations for my final.

Audio Test 2

If i add my timings to it this is how it will look.

Audio Test 1

just a fast run through to see how it would look...

Just a few of my animatic images.....

I drew out the key frames for my animatic... the file cant be uploaded so i will need to re do it so it can be.

This will help me to go forward with the project..

Lets Doodle Some more!!!

Hmm what should i doo.....dle :D

Life drawings 2

Working on a larger scale now....

There abit faint but you do get to see the mark making which i have done, these are a mixture of mark making, media, and using my left hand along with not looking at my paper while i draw.

my ideas......

From the inpiration i get skteching characters here's a few of them.

I quite liked the baby idea so i carried him forward and sketched more....

Hmm not quite there yet...... so lets try some life drawings....

and then lets give it a try again...

Looks much better, can be improved but that can be done as i go along but this is the basis for it :D

My little cousin and my inspiration.

Having my little cousin around me helped me alot with this piece i get to draw inspiration from him.

Piks of him and a lil video......

Pretty cute ay :P lol

Talking about T.V So Lets give it a T.V setting!!

So listening to it also gave me the idea to put my character into a t.v which would turn on and off being as that is what he is talking about so i had to research this if i was to achieve it in my piece...... And where better to find it then my good friend youtube.

The Audio Project!

I have chosen the audio clip which says - "you see, t.v is power ... the power to love & pacify ... And when all eyes are glazed and all minds are jelly, the power to hold the world in your fist"

So i have listened to it many times and chracters like Captain Zapp brannigan from Futurama>>>>>>>>>>>

who is the very typical kinda of chracter to suit the voice but also Stewie Griffen from family guy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

also came to mind because babies cnt talk till they are older but to have a deep voice would be very unusual and having a little cousin that couldnt talk made it a perfect match!!!