Monday, 26 October 2009

Some Good Ass Stick Fights!!!!!!

Very inspirational pieces, js a 2 of many great stick fights that are out there. Enjoy :D

and the 2nd 1 :D this is probably my favorite out of the 2.

2nd jump attempt!!

This is my 2nd jump attempt, taking a more challenging task to achieve, i like the out come even though it is a bit too fast in how it moves but can be easily modified through adding more frames in areas to slow bits down plus i should of added a few at the beginning so the viewer can get used to what is going on before hand. I would of liked to have added the background and some other things and will possibly do this for my 20 second piece so look out for it or independently as a test :D. but enjoy this for now.

Anticipation Jump

This is my week for small project, i have been set to do a jump for this one and so i have done some research on work which people have done already so i have been looking on the internet for this here are some examples.....

and another i also liked

i then used this as i slight reference in my work you can see this in my 1st piece which is in reference to the 1st youtube video. For how long it took me to do its alright which allowed me to get the idea of getting the actions right for when i try my next piece.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Bouncing ball test 2

this is my 2nd test to my bouncing ball, ive tried a different approach to it improving on the bounce since the 1st. i will go over this in pen to fix the moveing platform and make the lines more clear on the ball.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

1st bouncing ball test..

this test is alright just trying to get the hang of weight and the movement of the ball dropping and this is my outcome.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Exaggeration project

i pleased with this piece being it is a first attempt but i hope to learn from this and my future piece look more consistent with the lines so it does increase/decrease in size or move out of place. but enjoy and give feedback thanks.

Friday, 9 October 2009

This animation piece i found on the net!!

I found this on youtube and thought i would share it because i feel its a really skilled piece and its of street fighter so its very iconic to alot people if not everyone. Give me couple years and i will be doing the same XD. lol

the sound was add by some other people but it adds to the piece nicely :D

Just Begun!!

hey this is my first post to my blog page, updates on my university work and any other work or news i like will be posted very soon and be upgraded on a frequent bases but here's to the start with a lil piece i did last week for university enjoy :D.

Doodle out