Thursday, 12 November 2009

Flip Festival 6th November..

I only got to see half an hour of the 1st Open Shorts which had some very interesting piece which caught my attention due to the great story telling and interesting drawing style they had along with the well designed characters which is carried along with audio ( music or sound effects) the pieces are very inspirational to my work which i will do here on after because i have gained a lot though watching them.

A few animation pieces which stood out to me are: Hot Dog by Bill Plympton, Escale by Bang-Yao Liu and The Astronomer's Dream by Malcolm Sutherland. These 3 stood out the most to me for creativity and that it stayed in my head and that for me is a good animation and plus i enjoyed them.

There was a 4 way interview with people who was in the industry of animation, from teaching - gaming companies. the one guy was from Wolverhampton university and was the guy who asked the questions, the other 3 was talking about their backgrounds and showed pieces of their own work or work from students. it was really good to see because i got to see what was being produced out there, i have got a couple of their names but need to find out for definite what they are. Some of the student work which had been done was outstanding and aspires me to do well within my course.

I like this quote which the Wolverhampton University said "Animation Is Everywhere But No Where", i like it because its very true :D.

The Axis Animation company was good and not so good, the good was they was a very successful company doing very big things and would have been good to hear about, but this the bad bit they got carried away with other question which seemed pretty irrelevant in my eyes to what i thought it would have been. The stuff they showed was really good, i liked the Peugeot advert they had done, it was very creative and well designed piece. And that was good rap to the day :D.

I will post up the animation pieces which i liked later on...

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